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New contemplation tool --

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Contemplate the visually engaging, complex compilation below to unlock your understanding of some of the relational structuring inherent to existence. With this tool and curiosity as your guide, expand your feel for meanings based on natural feedback between the self and systems large and small. From key states of the self and collective systems, dynamics spring forth, shaping the iterative layers and embedded meanings encountered in complex systems at all scales.

Trace relational meanings in the tool intuitively. Examine a given word/state by its various groupings, keeping in mind that a range of directions, scales, and non-linearities are at play. Consider proximity to other word/states in various directions (row or column) as well as larger groupings and occurrences such as table and color, which bridge sections of multiple tables. The two tables at the top (silver frames) are useful in and of themselves and as legends to the colors and patternings of the groupings below it.

The only prerequisite is this: a willingness to consider that, whatever you think a state (or contemplation itself) means, it's okay to suspend that meaning for a bit and be curious about what relational meanings might look like. How might relational meanings be experienced differently than what you are so far familiar with, and why might it be useful?
new contemplation tool - click for large version
Before you get started, a few notes on the colors:
  • The colors featured in the three large rectangle areas are supposed to exactly match the three colors in the silver-framed table at the top left. Thus for contemplative purposes, consider them to be matching in color (as color partity indicates a layer of relational meaning). The reason for this disparity is that the tool was hand-mastered (rather than digitally-mastered). The transition to a digital file resulted in less than perfect color matching. For example, the color of the routines/habits area is indigo and is (meant to be) the same as the Acceptance/ Perspective/ Justice motif in the top left table.
  • Blue is the color of the Self-Image motif, and purple is the color of the Reality Model motif. These colors and motifs are distinct from , though closely related to, each other and the indigo motif.
  • For those of you aware of the color-chakra (bodily energy centers) system, the colors used in the (Sm)Art contemplation tool do correspond. I warn you though that the presentation in this tool in particular is non-linear in relation to a bodily self. Thus it would be inaccurate and frustrating to apply meanings related to body chakras based on the spatial ordering here.
What's next?
Though full of colorful paper, pen, and rubber cement charm, this first go is less than perfect. It's marked by color variation and various smudges, specks, and funny angles. That said, I'm quite satisfied in offering this version to you as a contemplative tool.

If I hear from enough of you that you find it interesting/useful, I would be willing to
  • distribute enlarged prints by mail (there would be a cost)
  • host a live discussion forum
  • pay to have someone digitalize the tool, thereby correcting the color variations and any other useability issues -- an improvement I'd be happy to pay for if I get enough feedback about his version

A note to intrigue you...
(Sm)Art is based on a portion of ONT, which is a more comprehensive work of mine. Some words in this tool are not found in ONT however. Specifically, the small words printed above and to the left or below and to the right of the words printed along the diagonal line in the center squares of the tables. They serve here as guidewords to understanding the relational meaning for the state that appears on the diagonal. That begets a whole interesting topic in and of itself and is something I'd be happy to talk about in a discussion forum. So for now, I'll leave it at that.

Click here or on the image above to open a 7.5 MB pdf version of the (Sm)Art contemplation tool in your browser. It's hopelessly detailed for a smartphone! Make a point of viewing it on a full-size screen when you get to one. (A enlarged print is even better.)

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